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At SIP Industries we manufacture, import and distribute Municipal Casting, Utility Fittings, Joint Restraints and OEM Castings. We manufacture and distribute these products globally with India and China housing the primary manufacturing units and North America housing primary distribution facilities with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Our products are fully recyclable and made from recycled material wherever possible. Since 1960, SIP Industries has manufactured quality products that deliver clean water and cover infrastructure needs across the world.

Team SIP pledges to continue to produce quality products and deliver customer satisfaction through honest and ethical practices. We take pride in stating that we still sincerely serve our first customer in US with as much zeal and commitment as we did on our first order in 1977. We extend a humble gratitude to our customers, vendors and associated people for their constant trust and support. The company is committed to its team members whose talent, experience and hard work have been invaluable to the growth of the company.


The foundation for SIP Industries was laid in 1960 in the small town of Serampore, located on the outskirts of the city of Calcutta, India by Lala Rangilal. Post-independence, when India was taking its initial steps towards growth, Lala Rangilal believed that national resurgence was possible through the path of industrialization. This belief and the power of his education motivated him to set up a cast iron manufacturing unit.

Lala Rangilalís unfaltering determination and passion for his work prompted him to expand his business beyond the protected shores of Calcutta to other domestic markets and then overseas beginning with South-East Asia by early 1970s. The business further expanded towards west encompassing Middle East and UK. Beginning with manufacturing a small range of products in 1960, the company was now exporting manhole covers, soil pipe fittings, flanges and fence casting among others to several countries across the world. In 1977, Lala Rangilal received his first export order to USA and he then took his maiden trip to the country in 1978 to further expand. His subsequent business trips there convinced him of the marketís tremendous growth opportunity and he envisioned manufacturing and marketing a varied range of cast iron products across the country. He, along with his two sons, who were by now being trained under his able guidance set on a goal to achieve this daunting task of business expansion.

The 1980s and early 1990s saw tremendous growth in the manufacture of new product lines and their export to countries worldwide, especially USA.

This prompted setting up of SIP Industries, a distribution company in USA, headquartered in Houston, Texas in 1999. The company initially imported indigenously manufactured products from its own manufacturing units in India. However, acclimatizing to the growing need for diversity, SIP started manufacturing and procuring different product lines globally, especially from China.

A strong inherent business sense, sharp acumen and an insatiable desire to fulfil Lala Rangilalís commitment has led his future two generations to commit to his vision of expansion.

Currently, SIP Industries is serving the global market with the Americas being itís point of focus through itís three North American distribution centres located in Atlanta GA, Houston TX and Los Angeles CA. The three distribution centres have a cumulative storage space of over a million square feet.

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